9 Lessons I Learned From Mother Nature

Our world is buzzing with information.  Information from the internet, from the news, social media, podcasts, the radio.  Some of it’s helpful and some of it’s not.  But I promise you, the buzz that you get when you are enveloped in the outside world will always teach you something positive and useful. Mother Nature is trying to teach us every single day!  All we need to do is look around and pay close attention.

Nature is pure and seems to help put our senses in order. Spending a week in Wyoming completely enveloped in mountains, trees, and endless sky was breathtaking.  At first I considered it to be quiet, almost too quiet if I am being honest! But then I realized that nature is actually quite loud and bold in a way that differs from the loud sounds and sights of the city.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”ibd21″ via=”yes” ] No matter the season, nature can teach and inspire — all we need to do is plug in to hear the buzz![/ctt]

And so I listened.  I listened with my ears AND my eyes to the world around me as it buzzed with activity and enthusiasm. Without the distractions of everyday life, I was able to truly pay attention to the wonders that were going on around me.  It was like I was viewing a 7-day inspirational motion picture put on by Mother Nature herself.  The lessons were long, but the final messages that I flew back home with were short, sweet, and memorable!

Lessons From Mother Nature

1. Lesson from stars: Create the designs of your life

Create magical designs and pathways throughout your life that tell the stories of your days. Each new day is a chance for you to create a different constellation and leave your mark on this world.  Some designs may be obvious and others might be more abstract, but together they will make up YOUR life’s sky!

Nature stars

2. Lesson from the sky: Be open but stay true

The sky is constantly allowing the sun, the moon and the clouds to come and go. The sky is open to the wonders of storms, sunrises, sunsets and stars, while also staying true and blue to itself underneath. Allow your mind to be open to new ideas that come your way, but hold onto what makes you who you are in this world.

3. Lesson from the mountains: Be strong and humble

Stand tall and strong like the mountains, but humble as you look out at how big the world is in front of you. Keep your head in the clouds and daydream a little each day. Stay grounded and grateful to the earth at your feet. Appreciate the beauty in the climb as much as view from the top!

Nature mountains

4. Lesson from the rain: Remember self-care

Stay refreshed and revived by making time for self-care. Use these moments to have a fresh perspective or different viewpoint of what is going on in your life.  When life seems like it is raining down on you, know that it is only to help you grow and bloom.

Nature rain

5. Lesson from the clouds: Live your own adventure

Sometimes clouds move quickly across the sky.  Other times they are floating still. Clouds create their own shapes and outlines whether they are puffy and grand or wispy and light. Clouds are always on a different adventure and rarely get too comfortable staying in place or in one mold for too long. Live like the clouds and view life as a different adventure each day, no matter your routine.  There are always small ways to add a little bounce into our days!

6. Lesson from the trees: Find stability and comfort in your roots

Reach out into the world and fill it with your colorful leaves and branches, but never forget your roots that will always be there to keep you grounded in place. Your roots will provide you with stability and reassurance in times of self-care. They will protect you and ground you, and will allow you to better use your branches and leaves to shelter others when they are in times of need.

Nature trees

7. Lesson from the river: Move forward with confidence

Rivers move in a direction with total commitment and confidence. They rush past rocks, fallen trees, and other obstructions that may be in their way. Move towards your goals with courage, look at “no” as an obstacle and not the final answer, and know when to go with the flow!

Nature river

8. Lesson from the flowers: Live boldly

Color the world with your vibrant energy. Be radiant and bold with confidence not competition, wherever you are planted! No matter how harsh the winter, flowers always return bold as ever at the turn of the season. Allow your joy and happiness to burst through cold and dark times like a flower popping up in the spring. Hang onto that hope that there is always a warmer tomorrow!

9. Lesson from the sun & moon: Life is not a competition

The sun’s rays illuminate the day giving the earth energy and growth. When it’s time, it quietly creates a sunset in order to welcome the moon into the sky. Throughout the darkest hours the moon gives us just enough light to see beauty in darkness while still allowing us to rest under its watchful face.  It gracefully travels until time says that the sun is ready to rise once again.

The sun and moon do not compete, nor try to put on the same show.  They make room for each other in the sky, each allowing the other to shine.  Remember, you are you and not anyone else. Be you and shine your own light while also encouraging others to do the same.

Nature Sun and Moon

Plug into nature —playing 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

No matter the season, Nature can teach and inspire — all we need to do is plug in to hear the buzz! What are some lessons you have learned from nature?  Have you been to a place where nature has inspired you?

Wishing you zest & light,
Stephanie =)

*All photos in this post are snapshots from our stay at the R Lazy S Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Click here to visit their website and follow R Lazy S Ranch on Instagram to learn more about this amazing property in the heart of nature!

18 thoughts on “9 Lessons I Learned From Mother Nature

  1. There are so many things we can learn from nature! I love how you addressed moving forward with confidence. such an inportant aspect. xo – Kam

    1. Thank you, Kamree! Confidence is definitely key in moving forward with our goals in life! Thanks for stopping by Citrus & Sun!

  2. I love this, nature give us everything we need, also be your self ( this is like animals, they don’t pretend to be other animal, I have never seen a cat pretend to be a mouse, lol) .

    1. This is so true, Ina! That could totally be tied into the part about the sun and the moon and that life is not a competition. Be yourself! Thanks for your comment and for reading!

    1. Christina, thank you SO much for your feedback! I am happy that you enjoyed this post =) Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Love this! Very thoughtful and reflective! It is amazing the wonder & beauty of our world! It truly deepens my faith and trust the Lord had a plan! Great blog! My favorite was the sun & moon! But all of it is profound!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa! Our world is incredible if we take time to look at all of the wonders around us. I am so glad you liked the section on the sun and moon! I saved that one for last because it was my favorite =) Thank you for all of your kind words!

  4. i think “be open but stay true” is my favourite of these quotes you posted. i love reconnecting with nature, i always feel better after some time outside and away from my phones. I really should do it more!

    1. Thank you, Kelsi. It can be hard sometimes to stay true to what we really believe in and who we are when there is so much going on around us. Definitely a lesson that I need to work on myself! Thank you so much for commenting and stopping by Citrus & Sun!

  5. There are so many lovely things that we can learn from mother nature if we’re willing to listen! Sounds like you’ve been a wonderful listener. Thanks for sharing your wonderful, inspiring list ♡.

    1. Thank you, Sara! I appreciate your kind words and am definitely continuing to work on my listening to the world around me =) Thank you for your comment!

  6. Steph,
    Thank you once again for your thought provoking blog!
    We can learn so much from nature! I love my walks, no matter where they are…be it in the woods up north, by a lake or water..just listening to the sounds!
    Your reference to the clouds reminded me of my walks home from school when we still lived in Flint. I used to pretend that I was walking on the clouds and I would have to figure out how to get from one cloud to the next. Imagination and just being me got me home!
    Have a great day!!!

    1. Judy, I love your story about walking home from school and pretending to jump on the clouds! Clouds can bring out the adventure and imagination in all of us with their designs and beauty. Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you have many wonderful place where you can be at peace with nature! Michigan is such a beautiful state to practice listening to nature, too =) I love coming back and hearing the different sounds that I might not necessarily hear in the city!

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