Citrus & Sun Moments: June ’18 Edition

Happy summer, my friends!!!  I have been so thankful for these long days and warm nights. Anyone else??  In this edition of Citrus & Sun Moments, I am sharing my appreciation for yoga and meditation, my recently discovered love for photography, and why I am never taking off my new cowboy boots. Plus, scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out my June playlist!

Mountain Sound

School’s out for summer!  Another school year is officially over and this teacher is definitely ready for some vacation. This month, I kicked off the summer season by visiting my family’s ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  Escaping into this quiet valley of trees, bonfires, and wildlife was exactly what I needed to stir up the inner peace!

In the past, my summers have seemed start off busy and jam-packed with road trips, festivals, work training, and attempting to get every little thing on my to do list done. This June I have actively tried to do the opposite by giving myself permission to simply rest. More walks by the water. Longer moments with my book and coffee in the morning. Being a better listener to myself. As a result, this month has been rejuvenating and recharging, leaving me peaceful but at the same time energized.

June Zest & Light

It’s time for some of those small moments from this month that have brought zest and light to my life!  New to Citrus & Sun?  Visit my about page to read more about the meaning behind my blog and these monthly moments that I am sharing with you!

1. Yoga/Meditation

So recently I have discovered that I don’t breathe properly, if at all. A skill that I encourage my students in my classroom to use each day to calm and self-manage is one that I am not using myself. Does anyone every feel like their days are so busy that your first deep breath that you actually notice is when you sit down at night to go to bed?

After taking only two classes of yoga/guided meditation, I realized that this has been me and I need to change. Meditation has always been very difficult for me to do on my own, but I am finding that having someone guiding through my breaths and my thoughts is much more effective in achieving this mindfulness that I have been craving.  I am so excited to continue this class throughout the summer and find my breath again!

2. The Art of Photography

Chuck bought the two of us a photography class to take together this past month.  A SIX HOUR photography class to be exact.  A little intimidating, right?  After Chuck upgraded to a newer model of his Canon camera, I was lucky enough to inherit his old one. The course gave me a new appreciation for photography as an art form. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and an absolute joy to listen and learn from through her examples and personal stories. I remember how inspiring it was when she told us that we can create stories within our photos. No longer can I simply “point and shoot.” Instead, I find myself adjusting my body, my focus, the camera angle, the lighting, and the positioning of whatever I am shooting. Wyoming was a photographers playground, and running around taking photos with Chuck was definitely one of my favorite memories from this month!

3. My Cinderella Cowboy Boots

I rarely show excitement for shoes, so this is actually a pretty big deal. From the moment I took my first step in the cowboy boots that my family let me borrow for our week in Wyoming I knew that I wouldn’t be taking them off.  Hey, this blog is all about finding joy in the smallest things, right??  Never have I found more joy in a shoe! =)  Not only did I wear these every moment in Jackson Hole, but my aunt let me take them back to Chicago with me (Thank you, Nancy!!).  Mine are the black pair — I’m in love!

4. Sound Wave Art

Last month, Chuck and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and I was determined to find the perfect gift that would mean something to both of us. I found a company online called Bespoken Art that creates sound waves to songs or spoken words. I immediately decided that having a sound wave created of the song I walked down the aisle to on our wedding day would be the perfect gift (“Lift Me Up” by Mree).  We finally had it framed this month and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Okay that is an understatement — we are actually OBSESSED with how it turned out. Hanging this art up in our living room gives us a daily reminder of that moment and unforgettable day!

5. Yahtzee!

One of my favorite moments from this month was playing the game of Yahtzee with my family in Wyoming. My parents, my brother, Chuck, and I gathered around a little table in front of the fireplace and played game after game of Yahtzee, laughing, trash-talking (Chuck and my dad), and sipping on wine and bourbon. I grew up playing board games with my mom and I truly believe that times when I have been gathered around game pieces, cards, and game boards with others are some of the purest moments of my life. This summer, blow the dust off of some of those old board games, no matter how cheesy they may seem now. The nostalgia alone is enough to create conversation and new memories!

June Playlist

This month’s playlist was definitely inspired by my trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the chill/rejuvenating vibe that I have been working hard to embrace these last few weeks. You can listen to this playlist right from this pagee if you don’t have Spotify! Just press play or click on a song!

Featured on this month’s playlist:

-“Handyman” by AWOLNATION.  I really enjoy the lyrics to this song and it’s easy-going tempo.
-“Like To Be You” by Sean Mendes feat. Julia Michaels.  I simply LOVE this collaboration!
-“I Fall Apart.” Rosie Darling recently did a captivating cover of this song by Post Malone. I put both versions on this playlist because each brings its own story and sound. It’s fun to compare the two!
-“Dying in LA” off of Panic At The Disco’s latest album that was released just last week.  This is by far my favorite song!

Thank you for checking out this latest edition of Citrus and Sun Moments!  Remember to use the hashtag #citrusandsunmoments on Instagram to share photos of some of your own summer moments! I can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

Also, check out my summer post Firecracker Heart to read how you can find simple inspirations all summer long!  Spend each day of your summer with you whole heart and uncover those small moments that will turn into your favorite memories.

Thank you for stopping by Citrus & Sun!  Happy sweet summertime!!!

Wishing you zest & light,


26 thoughts on “Citrus & Sun Moments: June ’18 Edition

    1. Thanks, Luci! Yes it really is such a perfect gift!! Thank you for reading =)

  1. These are such great ideas for June. I just love your stunning pictures, they just make me feel like travelling more to relax! I finally have more time for meditation. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading, Natalia! I’m happy that you have more time for meditation =) I am really trying to get into it this summer, too. It’s such a great practice to have in life!

  2. Steph,
    I have looking for your post and you didn’t let me down!
    You always make me think or just reflect on my own past.
    Growing up in my house was always about board games or card games…either played on snowy days, rainy, or too hot humid summer days!
    Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to breathe!

    Lots of love to you!!

    1. =)=)=) Thank you for your comment, Judy!! Card games and board games are both great ways to bring people together, aren’t they? I also enjoy reflecting on past times spent with family playing games. I love to bring out some of the older games in my classroom and play them with my students. Watching them get excited just warms my heart!

  3. Your post reminded me of our conversation while we were walking to the Teton Village about meditation and proper breathing. I too am a breather without thought person and most times don’t remember breathing at all. Thank you for the reminder to look into some sort of meditation class. Our trip to the R Lazy S Ranch was such a perfect time to spend time together and enjoy each other and the outdoors to the max! Your pictures took me back to the beautiful sites, smells and wildlife that we experienced on a daily basis.

    1. I enjoyed that conversation so much and our entire trip! Without the yoga and the meditation I don’t know if would have realized that I wasn’t breathing properly. Even taking a couple of classes helped me become more aware! Love you, mom! So happy we were able to experience that week together and that we have so many great pictures to help us hold onto those memories!

  4. Happy summertime to you too! I love this post. Taking the time to relax, breathe, practice yoga and enjoy nature sounds like the perfect recipe for the summer months. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you for reading, Aarika! I hope you have also found your perfect recipe for summer!! Enjoy every moment and please stop back by Citrus & Sun!

  5. I’l really appreciating your playlists! And as always, the fresh air and freedom in your thoughts!

    1. I’m happy you enjoy the playlists, Mary! Creating them really helps me keep up with newer music which is not always easy! I hope you are enjoying your summer =) Thank you for your kind words!!

  6. Sounds like you’re off to an amazing start this summer! Sounds relaxing , entertaining, and peaceful! Nothing like reinventing yourself and trying new things. Never heard of sound wave art. Very unique!

    1. Yes, the sound wave art is truly incredible!! I hope you are having an amazing summer too, Anissa!! Thank you so much for reading my post!

  7. I found your post post very inspiring, I love that your took a photography class your picture already speak volumes, and show the value of it. The cowboy books spoke to me as well I have always wanted to visit Jackson Hole so I may have to plan a trip soon, spring looks gorgeous. Finally your reminded me about how much I love yoga and meditation but forget in it during my busy life.

    1. Thank you for reading my post, Jen =) I am so happy to hear that you found it inspiring! I would definitely recommend visiting Jackson Hole sometime! It is a place unlike any other. I hope you are having a beautiful summer!! Thank you for your sweet feedback!

    1. Thank you, Cassie! The sound wave art is totally incredible =) I definitely recommend it as a gift or for your own home!

    1. YES! The sound wave art is seriously so awesome, and the perfect gift for an anniversary. Thank you for reading my post, Kristen! Happy summer!

  8. I love this post. It’s made me realise how important it is to reflect and observe your surroundings both at home and on trips. I’m also absolutely loving your playlist!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the playlist, Alisha! And yes, such a big part of travel for me is reflecting and observing!! Thanks so much for reading my post!

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