The Thing About Spring

I know that it has officially been spring for almost two months now, but to me it feels like the season has only just arrived! Chuck and I spent our wedding anniversary weekend in Traverse City, Michigan this past week,  and it seemed as if the world was only just beginning to wake up from its long winter slumber.  The thing I have learned about spring is that if you blink . . . you might just miss the best parts of its performance.

Photo by Studio Eiler @studioeiler

Each season brings joy to my life for different reasons, but since getting married in the spring I have come to appreciate the early days of the season when we are anxiously waiting for the world to show us its green again.

Growing up, I never took much notice to how nature seemed to suddenly come alive overnight. I remember how I would wake up on a sunny, warm day and the trees magically had their leaves back.  One day the grass was dry like straw, and suddenly it was two inches longer and a bright shade of green.  Flowers popped up around trees and in gardens, and the air smelled soft and fresh.

While this shift seems sudden year after year, there is a prelude to this change of scenery that is quiet, graceful, and rhythmic.

I’m Dreaming of a Green Wedding

When we set our wedding date to be in Traverse City, Michigan on May 14th, a green setting wasn’t even something that I was worried about as you can probably imagine. I mean, May is in the middle of spring so the world is going to be stunning by default, right? I had cake, invitations, and decorations to worry about!

It was this particular year that I truly realized how just a few days of rain, warm weather and sunshine can impact the days to come.  In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Chicago was still bare and I was freaking out, especially since it is colder in up-north Michigan and everything seems to take twice as long to grow.  Not that there HAD to be flowers and plants everywhere, but a little green on the trees and some grass wouldn’t hurt to have in our pictures, am I right?

Well, the thing about spring is that it likes to tease us for days, but that is only because it has plans of its own.  Plans to arrive exactly when its supposed to in the most beautiful fashion. Our wedding day on May 14th, 2016 was a unique spring day.  While there wasn’t a lot of green on the trees, the cherry blossoms were in full bloom.  The grass was vibrant and the sun made a quick appearance to warm the chilly up-north air.  There were even a few snowflakes that fell from the sky around dusk, and full on hail the next morning.  Spring had its own plan for our wedding day, and it was perfect.

The thing about spring is that it is unpredictably enchanting.

Having had our wedding and now our anniversary at this time of the year has made me more aware of these days in mid spring when the world begins to s l o w l y open up. I am more mindful of the changes and I find myself grateful that each year no matter how long and harsh the winter seems, spring always returns just as beautiful as it was the year before, even if it snows in May 😉

Unlike other seasons, Spring is fleeting.  It seems to come and go with the blink of an eye, making its grand entrance and then fading into summer. While I’ve always appreciated the sudden blossoming of springtime, I now feel a new appreciation for those days in between.  Those days when the world seems to grow in slow motion and begins to look slightly more colorful and alive.  The hours, the minutes, and the seconds leading up to the moment when you look around and realize that spring has finally sprung!

Wishing you zest & light,

*All of the photos in this post were taken by Chuck in Traverse City, Michigan over our anniversary weekend. I would love to see your spring photos! Share them with me on Instagram by using the hashtag #citrusandsunmoments!

19 thoughts on “The Thing About Spring

  1. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, love to see how everything comes back, the flowers, the insects, and the animals. We live near a wild reserve and we get to see all this baby bunnies this time of the year.

    1. That must be SO much fun to live near the reserve and get to see all of the baby bunnies!! How fun =) We live near a spot in Chicago where there are SO many bunnies this time of year, too! It’s so much fun to see them coming out! Happy Spring, Adriana!

  2. Love reading g your blog! The way you described things is incredible. I recently was married on May 5th ( yayy May weddings) and I definitely chose it because everything is blooming and Texas weather is actually kind of nice. I definitely feel you when you say you like to take I’m everything. I remember when I started noticing things were changing around me and when I declared that spring was absolutely beautiful! So I definitely take I’m those days as well. Hope you have a good one and Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you, Amanda!! Happy wedding to YOU! I’m sure it was absolutely beautiful in Texas at the beginning of May =) I hope you had such a special day! And yes, yay for May spring weddings! You will LOVE celebrating at this time each year. Thank you for visiting Citrus & Sun!

  3. Spring has always been my favorite season! It truly amazing me the quiet but sudden arrival of Spring. One moment I am looking out my window, which faces the woods, and all is dreary and the next all is green, there are buds on the trees, and the sounds of nature can be heard!
    I remember the snow on your wedding and it just added to the beauty of it!
    PS Thanks for your comment on my morning messages. It made my day.


    1. Judy, that must be so beautiful watching the woods transform around this time of year. It can make a view/setting look like a completely different place!! And thank YOU for your morning messages! They always make me think! Happy spring!!

  4. I love traveling in spring, but I’ve never really lived in a place with 4 seasons so I couldn’t really understand the deal with each season frankly speaking. But I could imagine the weather would play a big role when you were planning out a wedding, especially when you were the bride. Happy late wedding anniversary! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Marya! Yes, with all of the seasons you definitely appreciate different things about each of them =) Thank you for the anniversary wishes!

  5. Beautiful post as always! I love that moment when everything is beginning to open and the world seems to be coming alive! So much beauty!!! I too love every season, but the flowers in the spring are some of my favorite parts of spring! So glad you and chuck had a lovely wedding day and got to remember all the beauty on your fun anniversary trip! It looked like a beautiful spot! Have a happy Sunday!!!

    1. Erin, I am LOVING the flowers right now too. I actually feel like I am obsessed with them lately haha whenever I see new flowers around the city I HAVE to take pictures! There is definitely so much to love about this season. Sweet summertime is right around the corner!!

  6. Such beautiful photos. I miss the green, although the dessert here in the Middle East does have its allure, the green fields and flowers always brighten my day. Congratulations on your wedding.

    1. Thank you, Christine! I feel the same about flowers and green fields =) So rejuvenating! Thank you for reading and for the anniversary wishes!

  7. Spring is always a season that brings out such positive vibes! The feeling of new beginnings, a fresh start. Love wandering outside and have the smell of newly bloomed flowers or grass meet you with a breeze. A green and, as said before, positive period of the year!

    1. I love your thoughts about spring being a positive time of year =) I totally agree with that! It’s such a wonderful time of rejuvenation and inspiration! Happy spring, Nikky!

    1. Happy belated birthday, girl!! I hope you had such a special day!! I share the same thoughts about spring =) It’s a wonderful time of year!! Enjoy!

  8. It was so nice to lay in bed on this beautiful holiday weekend, and catch up on citrus and sun!! It always makes me feel like your right in town.
    Especially when I get a shout out!!

    Spring always gets me excited , because I know the opening of our pool is right around the corner.
    Amazing memories, ( the Eiler wedding)and such heartfelt writing. Instant smiles,and chuckles.
    I just beam with pride every time I read a blog!!
    I feel like the actor in “Elf” when he sees Santa !! I shout constantly “ I know her , I know her!!

    Love ya girl !!

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