Snow Day Surrender

A snow day is this magical occasion that seems to be suspended in time.  Our world freezes over, and we are presented with an opportunity to pause and surrender to this day of dormancy. Snow days remind me that some things in life are simply bigger than me and out of my control. They are a cue to step away from the cycle of everyday life and onto a merry-go-round of wonder and enchantment.

Snow days are a cue to step away from the cycle of everyday life and onto a merry-go-round of wonder and enchantment. How will you enjoy yours? Photo by Studio Eiler @studioeiler

The best part about a snow day is falling asleep and waking up in a completely different world. A world that is a little brighter and bolder, yet muffled and stilled.  We find ourselves in this world quite unexpectedly most of the time, and there is nothing we can do but surrender to its arrival.

Memories of snow days past make themselves present in mugs of hot chocolate, warm slippers, and snowy walks.  In my adulthood I take in the opportunities to rest and reflect while savoring the idea that traveling anywhere is simply out of the question. These add an extra layer of meaning to snow days that make me cherish their minutes even more.

Snow days are a cue to step away from the cycle of everyday life and onto a merry-go-round of wonder and enchantment. How will you enjoy yours?

[ctt template=”2″ link=”b647d” via=”yes” ]When life becomes a little messy and my mind and body are tired, I can always count on the falling snow throughout the winter months to provide me with a blanket of comfort. [/ctt]

A snow day has different meanings to everyone. Here is what surrendering to a snow day means to me.

My snow day is…

Falling in and out of sleep as I travel through worlds of books that I just cannot find time to pick up any other day (anyone else feel me on this one??).

“Feel-good” movies play one after another on my TV as familiar voices and lines that I have memorized bring me feelings of comfort and nostalgia. Why are these movies so much better on snowy days??

Blankets on blankets on blankets.  Their pressure creates a safety and warmth that shields me from stresses and daily obligations. I am unable to move, nor do I want to as I slip into sleep at a time of the day that would normally be scheduled with minute-by-minute tasks. Snow days give me permission to break out of my daily routine. I can choose to sit still or busy the day with to-do lists of work or play.

The smell of sweet icing on cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate always seem to fill my home on snow days.  The oven brings extra warmth each time I open it, allowing the sugary smell to fill every inch of air.   I breathe in the perfume of my winter candles. I would usually wait until after dark to light these on any other day, but their dancing flames are way too soothing not to take advantage of on a day like this one.

And then there is the outside world. The scent of snow is invigorating.  I feel at a loss for words when trying to compare it to anything else that exists.  Walking outside on a snow day and feeling the brisk air hit my face and taking in its pure fragrance always brings a new kind of energy to my soul!

Memories of childhood snow days make their way from my heart into my mind as I stare outside at hills of snow and the dancing snowflakes that always seem to land perfectly on my tongue.

A major snowfall always awakens my inner child. It’s as if the fresh blanket of snow is beckoning me to walk on it for the first time and make my mark on this world. The crunch under my boots will always be a thrill no matter how old I am; the sound brings memories of trudging through snow-covered backyards and creating snow forts with my friend who used to live down my childhood street.

The world outside becomes a snow globe. I watch the soft white flakes dance and float through the air to the wind’s song, delicate but resilient as they cover the world with their intricate yet subtle designs. On a snow day it is their time to shine on the sky’s stage, reminding us that like them, we are each unique in our own way and have the ability to dance through our lives with both strength and grace.

Snow days seem to purify the world around me creating a clean, blank slate. While this new white canvas might begin to melt throughout the day, I know that underneath the snow is a world that will be a little greener and a little brighter.

Snow days are a cue to step away from the cycle of everyday life and onto a merry-go-round of wonder and enchantment. How will you enjoy yours?

Everyone’s world looks a little different on a snow day. No matter what life is handing you before the snow begins to fall, surrender to these rare days of renewed possibilities and fresh perspectives. Push away any feelings of guilt or judgement that might creep their way into your warm, safe space.  You deserve this day and all of its magic.

Wishing you zest and light,

24 thoughts on “Snow Day Surrender

  1. So beautiful! I’ve never e experienced a snow day but it sounds magical! Curling up with books sounds dreamy! 📚 ⛄️ You write beautifully

    1. Than you, Bryony! Curling up with a book is one of my favorite things to do on a snow day =) It is definitely magical! Thanks so much for reading!

  2. Stephanie,
    I love your reflections on life!
    Snow days are GREAT! I still look forward to seeing Grand Blanc listed under the school closings! I remember the joy and thanks yous from staff when I would make the phone calls(before the robo call system) to let them know that school had been closed.
    Looking out the window at the fresh clean whiteness of the world always created a feeling that God was cleansing the world!
    Enjoy your snow day!
    Love to you!

    1. Thank you, Judy! Seeing school closed on TV is the best! I always take a picture =) There is nothing quite like getting that call in the morning and knowing that you can stay cozy at home all day. I hope you are enjoying all of the snow over in Michigan this season!!

  3. Snow Days seems to be Gods way of saying stop for a minute and take a moment and figure out what is important. Your post is a reminder of that to me. Great Job. Love the picture on the couch.

    1. Yes, snow days are perfect days to pause and reflect. They seem to give us permission to relax and take in the magic!! Thank you for reading, dad! Love you!

    1. Yes to ALL of this, Amanda!! Especially the comforting food!! I always buy cinnamon rolls when I am anticipating a snow day =) They are such a treat!! Thank you for reading and commenting!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for this sweet compliment! I have always wanted to visit San Francisco =) Enjoy your sunshine and warmth over there! Thanks so much for reading!!

  4. Reading how you enjoy snow days make me miss them. We dont get them in SoCal but I remember all the soups I would eat and endless tv.

    1. Soup and endless TV sounds perfect for a snow day! What a great memory you will always have! =) Thank you so much for reading, Bianca!

    1. Yes!! Blankets, tea, coffee, and comfort food!! Thank you for reading, Vivian! I hope you have a snowy day in your future!

  5. Stephanie!!! Yes, to all these things! So glad I have been able to have a couple snow days recently!! I have needed them for my self care and mental care!!! Blankets on top of blankets , while looking outside and watching the snow fall is my favorite thing! Drinking got chocolate with all the toppings and curled up watching a movie from my past brings back so many memories! I totally agree with you about the movies on tv… any other day I may not like them, but I that moment, they are perfect! And the crunch under your boots… the best feeling! Thanks for writing so eloquently and beautifully!!!

    1. Thank you, Erin! It has been a cold and snowy winter, and it has been so fun to experience these snow days and reflect on all of the things we love about them!!

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I’m sure you cherish any snow that you get since it doesn’t happen too often! Thank you for reading =)

  6. I love snow! It makes everything so look so pure and magical. Also I love the name of your blog: made me think of summer :)!

    1. Awww thank you, Jenni! Snow is definitely magical! I appreciate your compliment on the title of my blog, too =) Thanks for stopping by Citrus & Sun!

  7. Oooh, you make a snow day sound perfect. The last time we had an actual snow day here is…years ago. 2010 maybe? The Netherland is a cold country anyway, so I take every excuse to curl up under a blanket, drink something warm and read.

    1. Wow, it has been a long time since you’ve had a snow day! It sounds like you have plenty opportunities to cozy up and enjoy the indoors =) Thank you for reading, Johanne!

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